University Of Sargodha announced plans to launch a PHD program on the Seerat e Nabvi/Life & Habits Of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)
Image Source: UoS Official Website

One of the most well-reputed state-owned universities Of Pakistan, the University Of Sargodha has announced plans to launch a Ph.D. program on the Seerat e Nabvi/Life & Habits Of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

The Announcement By The Prime Minister

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced this in an interview with a private news channel where he shared this news with the public as a step towards highlighting the teachings of Islam in our educational sector.

The University also announced that it has submitted two PC-1s to the PCP (Planning Commission Of Pakistan).

One of the PC-1 intends to establish the Sargodha Institute Of Muslim Civilization, which will highlight and educate about the history of Islam, the civilizations, philosophies, and the progress made after the advent and implementation of Islam. At the same time, the other PC-1 intends to improve the other pre-established doctoral programs.

The news of this important announcement was met with immense praise on Twitter, who expressed joy on the conventional education sector, giving importance to the religious teachings on a doctoral level.

These initiatives will enable students to educate themselves, research, and debate on the Islamic teachings, enabling the propagating of the actual teachings of Islam in its most authentic essence.

The University Of Sargodha is one of the most prestigious universities in Punjab and one of the best educational institutes belonging to the public sector in Pakistan. This move will influence other Universities and educational institutes to take initiatives to highlight the importance of the teachings of Islam in our educational sector.

There has been a gap between religious and conventional education in Pakistan that has been highlighted by Prime Minister Imran Khan in the past as well. He has been known to be vocal about the lacking of our educational system and how there has been a division in the quality and standard of education that is provided to the rich and for those who are not privileged.

Many people consider this step towards a revolution in the educational sector where not too much importance is given to religious education. This will help in reducing the gap between religious and conventional education as well.

They comprehend the scale at which the University Of Sargodha operates; it is essential to mention that the university currently has over 25000 students, 800 faculty members, and around 300 are PHDs in 24 departments. One thousand two hundred people in its administration further support the infrastructure.

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