Pervez Musharraf Response on the Death Sentence Verdict and Nation’s Support (Watch Video)

Credit: Khaleej Times

Former president Pervez Musharraf respond after the death sentence verdict was handed to him by a three members special court on Tuesday, December 17, 2019, in the high treason case. The full verdict that was due to release by the special court has just been released today.

The verdict created huge chaos among the nation and many come in support for the former Chief of Army Staff expressing their disdain about the said verdict. The former president is currently in Dubai undergoing treatment after a prolonged illness.

Musharraf expressed his views in a video message while thanking the nation for support after the death sentence.

In the video, we can hear Musharraf saying: “There is no example of such a verdict that neither the defendant nor his lawyer is allowed to speak in their defense, I asked that if there is any special commission, I am ready to give the statement. I told them to come here and take my statement but it was ignored too. I call this verdict suspicious because the law is not respected in the hearing of this case from the starting till the end.”

He further added: “I am thankful to Public of Pakistan and Pakistani Armed Forces who remembered my services and sacrifices this is the biggest medal for me and I’ll take this to my grave.”

After the death sentence verdict for Musharrad, DGISPR released an official statement on their media outlets.

Many of the celebrities and also come in support for the former leader of Pakitan, including names like Mehwish Hayat, Khadija Shah, Marvi Memoon, Shaan Shahid and many more.

After the complete verdict was released by the special court today, it has sparked a new wave of anger in the nation.

The public of Pakistan is calling the verdict unethical.

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