Global beverage giant, Pepsi has been making the rounds on social media but not in positive light. The company released its latest ad titled ‘Jump In’ on Tuesday night featuring the diva Kendall Jenner on social media.

Less than 24 hours later, on Wednesday morning Pepsi had to take down the ad due to immense backlash received from audiences worldwide! The ad was found to be demeaning as it suggested that police brutality can be solved with a can of soda.

Watch the controversial Pepsi ad,  ‘Jump in’ featuring Kendall Jenner here!

Pepsi’s ad tried to highlight the Black lives matter movement but was touted to be extremely tone deaf.  The commercial portrayed a strikingly similar moment to a popular photo of Ieshia Evans, a black woman who faced the odds and bravely stood before the law enforcement in Baton Rouge, LA last July during a protest against police brutality. Pepsi replaced the people of color with a white woman who resolved brutality and systematic racism with the simple use of a Pepsi can.

Many people compared this moment via social media

Beatrice King, daughter of Martin Luther King took to Twitter to express her feelings on the Pepsi commercial.  She says, 

“If only Daddy would have known about the power of #Pepsi!”


Beatrice’s message was simple and clear. The ad belittles the difficulties faced by activists like her father to sell soda. Pepsi timed released of the commercial on Martin Luther King’s 49th Death anniversary that falls on the 4th of April which added more fuel to the fire.

The backlash on the controversial ad was instantaneous across the Internet the moment it went live on Youtube!

Pepsi issued an apology on their official account on Twitter, Here’s what it said:


The commercial showed a fun protest with music and dancing, totally different from the actual sit-in’s that take place across the United States. Many people felt that the beverage giant had made a mockery out of an issue that has prevailed in the country for centuries.

The Outrage on Twitter sparked people to express what they felt for the ad. Here are some of the reactions on Pepsi’s ‘Jump In’ Ad.


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