Pepsi Pakistan Making Meals #ExcitingAbhi on Twitter!


Pepsi Pakistan is really turning up the excitement on digital with every new campaign resulting in massive engagement across all digital platforms. With the new Pepsi meals #ExcitingAbhi campaign, the brand wooed the twitter audiences with an interactive REAL TIME activity; definitely a first for any brand in Pakistan.


Pepsi brought on board one of the most influential online artist, Shahzaib Hussain (from ShahzaibHussainArt) to engage with the Pepsi audience.The  Twitter audience  was asked to share pictures of their meals  and Pepsi instantly responded with a super cool doodled and more pepsi-fied version of the same meal… It didn’t matter what kind of meal was shared; Pepsi made sure to make it #ExcitingAbhi. This definitely got the fans loving the doodles.

No surprises that #ExcitingAbhi was a top trend across Pakistan later on; achieving a staggering 23 million impressions during the activity. Here’s what was happening in case you missed out on the activity