Pepsi convicted of Carcinogens
By Ufaq Ashfaque

NEW YORK, July 3 – World’s global beverage giant Pepsi has been accused of using carcinogens in the production of their world renowned softdrink. In line with the research conducted with the Center for Environmental Health (CEH), the beverage still comprises a certain degree of carcinogenic content, violating the quality standards for any beverage to operate in a given target market.

Initially, Pepsi along with Coca Cola had claimed to have molded the formula as carcinogens are considered the cause of cancer, causing cancerous cells to enter the human body and erode the immune system. The California state passed a law that no drink comprising carcinogens can cause cancer, harming and deteriorating the human system.

Currently, according to watchdog observations and research, while Coke has been label clean of the use of such products, there are still penetrations of Pepsi products outside California, where the beverage contains carcinogenic content.

Brands need to be extremely careful towards the category of ingredients used in the development of their products. With a global brand like Pepsi convicted of using illicit substances in the creation of their product, it would directly resonate on brand confidence, deterring consumers away from the brand.