Flaunting the perfect pomp, the right razzmatazz, our favorite faces and melodious music, Pepsi Battle of the Bands 2017 finally premiered on our television and left us all awe-struck!

The cola brand has made history all over again by with this magnificent musical masterstroke, giving the whole nation a hope for the revival of a sleeping band culture!

The 1st episode unveiled in all its glory, with the hottest young bands of Pakistan, literally roaring with talent in a high-energy evening.

However, the best part of Pepsi Battle of the Bands remains its major coup of uniting the crème de la crème of Pakistan’s music industry: Fawad Khan, Meesha Shafi and marking his return- Aaroh’s lead singer ‘Farooq’.

So the pilot episode kick started with a feel-good, dance-up-a-storm, adrenaline pumping music experience. After years, Pakistan viewed such a historic showcase of musical talent!

From Kashmir to Karachi, Lahore to Rawalpindi; we witnessed a sensational breed of bands of all genres.

It was awesome to see so much of girl power on the platform!


And there was some desi rock fusion making it all soulful


These dudes from Pindi gave a tough time to Isloo!

Pindi Boys

This band from Kashmir literally got us head banging as they jammed to EP’s Humesha.


But it was these men that won us with their epic performance to Junaid Jamshed’s Aitebar!

OB Positive

This band gave Meesha some serious ‘Coldplay’ feels!


Amidst a bit of comedy, some ruthlessness critique, supportive suggestions; the trio had their mentorship game strong!

Fawad seemed to be reminiscing his own band days!

Meesha, having powerful vocals herself, stressed on polishing them.

Meanwhile, Farooq’s reviews were mostly based on technical innovation in music.

Only six bands will be clashing with each other to conquer the Pepsi Battle of the Band throne! The whole of Pakistan will be voting for them. So watch out people, a musical ride of a lifetime is on its way!

For those who missed all the epicness can watch it here!