PAS Supports MOVE

The Pakistan Advertiser s’ Society has offered its  exclusively support to MOVE  – a Pakistan based media marketing and Research Company to develop and launch an OOH Audience and Ratings currency in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi.  

MOVE (Measuring OOH Visibility & Exposure) comprises of an expert team who works on Out of Home Media and in depth analysis of Pakistan’s advertising and media landscape.

MOVE has combined local know-how with global expertise by partnering with Cuende Informetrics, Spain and Telmar.

Cuende Informetrics consists of highly specialized professionals focused on the creation, design and development of advanced research systems in the areas of marketing and advertising. Telmar, on the other hand, is a worldwide leading supplier of media advertising software and services used for reach, frequency and optimization.

The entire project will be supervised by the Outdoor Audience Measurement Technical Committee (OAMTC) an industry JIC or Joint Industry Committee under the support of PAS.  Included in the MOVE project consortium are Cuende Infometrics (in association with Telmar), TNS and Digital Globe.

The Chairman of PAS, Shabeeh A. Ikram, Country General Manager, Johnson & Johnson praised the thorough work of the OAMTC in the selection of MOVE to the Executive Council and extended grateful thanks to all the global research companies that bid on the project.

Abrar Hasan, Chairman of the PAS OAMTC and CEO of National Foods, thanked his Committee colleagues for their tremendous support and commended MOVE’s expertise and understanding of the OOH industry.  Abrar noted MOVE’s expertise demonstrated via the substantial complexity of their approach to developing an industry OOH currency.  He also warned, “… of the hard work needed by my colleagues and the MOVE consortium in steering this important “accountability” initiative to a successful launch.”  

Ali Hamdani, CEO of MOVE, said, “I am thrilled to be working closely with PAS and its ‘JIC’ on developing a much needed OOH audience currency in collaboration with proven global research and systems expert affiliates.”

He believes that the new OOH currency will help drive the overall quality and hence value of the OOH inventory in Pakistan’s four (4) largest markets.  “It will provide advertisers and media agencies the foundation to improving the targeting and efficiency of their various OOH campaigns.”  

It is anticipated that the new OOH currency will be formally launched in 2015 after a suitable demonstration period for all industry users.  



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