Parchi teaser is out and we are loving what we see! The movie teaser gives us a jist of the kind of adventure we might be seeing the movie very soon!

The teaser starts off with a powerful punch as Harem Farooq takes on the bad guys!

Then we see lots of cash and bags being counted, exchanged, and shuffling around here and there most-likely indicating that there is some black-business running in the background.

Shortly after, Janaan superstar Ali Rehman Khan is spotted and it seems like he is the one who then receives a ‘parchi’ with his name on it and inside the crumpled is a bullet. The paper reads that if Rs 50 lakh is not arranged in a span of 4 days, they will not spare him!

The movie also has Ahmed Ali Akbar, Shafqat Khan, and Usman Mukhtar as the cast.

Watch full teaser below!

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