Pakistan’s Special Service Commandos (SSG) have made it to the top 10 best forces of the world beating arch-rival India’s forces, according to US Magazine ‘Armed Forces History Museum’.

SSG, a special operation force headquartered in Tarbela was selected on the basis of various combat skills including Non-traditional combat capability, foreign internal defense, direct action, freeing hostages, action again terrorist, special care and some others

The list, topped by British Special Air Service (SAS) is followed by American Navy and American Delta Force on second and third rank respectively. While India’s Para Commands or SFF were nowhere near the top ten.

Created in 1956 and commonly known as ‘Black Storks’, SSG has ten missions that they are rigorously trained for Asymmetric Warfare, Foreign Internal Defense, Hostage Rescue and Counter-terrorist strategies.

Here is a list of complete list of top 10 forces of the world:

1- British Special Air Service (SAS)

2- U.S. Navy SEAL Team 6

3- U.S. Army Delta Force

4- Israeli Shayetet 13

5- Grenzschutzgruppe 9 (GSG9) of Germany

6- GROM of Poland

7- French Army Special Forces Brigade

8- Eko Cobra of Austria

9- Pakistan Special Service Group

10- Spetsnaz of Russia