most selling cars in Pakistan in 2020-21
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The number of vehicle brands coming to Pakistan is quite staggering. The numbers keep going up and we keep seeing newer models. Despite there being a pandemic since late 2019, it has not stopped development in the auto industry. While some brands may have slowed down, others have certainly flourished in 2020-21. This can be considered quite a tough time for most industries. Yet, some cars have managed to become the most-sold ones in Pakistan. Today, we will be listing some of the best-selling cars.

From compacts to sedans, people have gone for any kind of vehicle there is. Due to their features, ease of access, and functionality, the cars have become quite popular in the crowd. Let us check out which ones have been the best-selling ones in 2020-21. Who knows, maybe you are inclined to buy one of these by the time we are done.

best-selling cars of the era
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1. Toyota Yaris

Now, this is a car that became popular during the time of constant lockdowns. It started off as a vehicle that had skeptical reviews. However, all of that was based on rumor which cleared out as more people began to test it and love it. It has a powerful drive with a ground clearance that makes it driveable on rugged terrain.

2. Suzuki Alto

This vehicle can be considered one of the most budget-friendly cars out there. Despite the smaller size, it can still dish out quite a pick-up speed and features. The fuel average on the car makes it a worthy buy. Whether you drive inside the city or outside it, you are guaranteed to keep up with the fuel economy.

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3. Suzuki Cultus

Here, we have yet another one of the best-selling cars of 2020-21. It came out as quite a surprise, both in terms of features and shape. With the new AGS transmission, this car became one of a kind! We urge you to check it out if going for a nice, compact, car in a budget range.

4. Suzuki Wagon R

A lot of people had not expected this car to become as popular as it did. Apparently, the vehicle is able to carry quite a lot of passengers and luggage and it is not as expensive. Not only does it give a good fuel average, it even has a sturdier body than most compacts today. Additionally, its lesser ground clearance gives way to more stability.

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5. Toyota Corolla

Of course, we cannot mention a best-selling car list without one of the top dogs of the game. Yes, Corolla has managed to take the top spot among other models yet again. Not only is it a vehicle with long-lasting functionality, it has a premium feel to it. You just know that you are sitting in a car that has made its way through decades of development. It’s certainly an investment and a worthy buy. Toyota has even placed itself on the list of the most valuable car brands.

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