The wedding day is a very special day for everyone. The bride specially dreams of the perfect day since her childhood.

Every bride would like to enter the marriage hall in a perfect wedding dress with their soul mate, but this dream crashes the very moment the tailor sends you the wedding dress at the eleventh hour, and it does not even fit you perfectly.

We have heard the woes of a bride-to-be who suffers from terrible tailors but this time around a Pakistani tailor was hit with a petition by his client who was not the bride but infact the groom!

The groom from Lahore who suffered at the hands of his tailor decided to file a petition over the poorly- stitched wedding outfit. Fateh Ali, a resident of Icchra couldn’t bear his special day being ruined.

According to reports, a District Consumer Court on Tuesday ordered the owner of the tailor shop to pay Rs 50,000 as compensation to Fateh Ali for damaging his wedding dress.

Fateh complained that he had placed an order for stitching his wedding dress to a local tailor shop located in Ichhra Bazaar. The tailor turned the wedding dress into a “complete disaster”.

Ali elaborated by saying that the tailor returned the dress on the day of wedding, and it did not even fit to his size. He described his experience as a “great mental agony” and requested the court to direct the tailor to pay him Rs. 100,000 as compensation.

Hearing final arguments in the case, the court wrapped up the unique case by directing the owner of the tailor shop to pay Rs. 50, 000 as compensation.

For all those suffering from the mishaps and disasters made by your tailors on your big day, do you think Fateh Ali did the right thing by petitioning against his tailor? Let us know in the comments below.

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Content contributed by: Umaima Nadeem