A group of Pakistani students have developed a ‘Spy Pigeon Bird Shooting’ game capitalizing on the ongoing string of trolls regarding our beloved neighboring country India, capturing a pigeon suspected of being a Pakistani spy.

It sounds ridiculous, but try telling that to the ever alert neighbor country.

The pigeon with an Urdu stamp depicting the district and the owner’s landline along with a wire was caught by a boy and taken into custody by Indian Police. The hilarious claim by the Indian police and the exaggeration by the Indian media turned this into a hilarious fiasco.

Since then this event has become the focal point of all Pakistani trolls who have created a plethora of memes and jokes to irk its neighbors over the internet.

But the students responsible for the game Muzammal Hussain, Atif Mahmood, Nabeel Akram and Awais Amjad from Islamia University, Bahawalpur took the trolling to the next level.

The app was uploaded on the Google PlayStore yesterday and has 415 downloads till now. It is a typical shooter game where the player has to shoot down the spy pigeons carrying messages.

The pigeons have to be shot down before they drop their bird dropping on the player which results in a blow to the health. The game has garnered positive reviews and has a 4.8/5 rating on the PlayStore.