Established in 1972, The Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences came up with the Student Academy Awards to support and encourage excellence in film-making at the collegiate level. Many of the past winners of the Student Academy Award have gone on to receive an Oscar nomination and win the award.

Pakistani student Shahnawaz Zali  has just been nominated for the Student Academy Award.

Shahnawaz Zali is highly passionate about film-making- his movie ‘100 Steps- Sau Qadam’ got famous last year, bringing to light the pressing issue of suicide bombing and terrorism.

Shahnawaz zali

Shahnawaz’s movie has been nominated for a Student Academy Award – ‘Narrative’ Category:

Sharmeen Obaid was ecstatic about Shahnawaz’s nomination:

“Many congratulations to Shahnawaz on his much deserved nomination. Five years ago Pakistan jump-started its film industry which has been led by young filmmakers who are taking risks and are experimenting both with story lines and form. We are a country rich with talent and Shahnawaz epitomizes that. This is a sign to filmmakers across Pakistan that if you produce quality work you can compete with the best of the world!”

Shahnawaz’s movie, ‘Sau Qadam’, is about a powerful narrative of a young boy who is led into becoming a suicide bomber. The movie’s cinematography is incredible!

[vimeo id=”118552421″]

The award ceremony is to be held on the 22nd of September. Here is to hoping that this talented film-maker brings an Oscar home.

Student Academy awards

The 2016 Student Academy Awards finalists have been announced.

Check out the entire list below.


  • Pengpeng Du, “Cage,” Pratt Institute
  • Aemilia Widodo, “Last Shot,”  Ringling College of Art and Design
  • Alicja Jasina, “Once Upon a Line,”  USC
  • Bob Yong and Kang Yung Ho, “The Controller,”  Ringling College of Art and Design
  • Carter Boyce, “Die Flucht (“The Escape”), DePaul University
  • Hannah Roman, “The Moon is Essentially Gray,”  School of Visual Arts
  • Echo Wu, “The Wishgranter,” Ringling College of Art and Design


  • David Henry Gerson, “All These Voices,” AFI
  • Yvonne Ng, “Cloud Kumo,”  City College of New York
  • Kevin Rios, “Made of Sugar,”  NYU
  • Scott Thompson, “Nova Initia,” Art Institute of Colorado
  • Johnny Coffeen, “The Swan Girl,”  Maharishi University of Management


  • Daphne Matziaraki, “4.1 Miles,” UC Berkeley
  • Rongfei Guo, “Fairy Tales,” NYU
  • Elise Conklin, “FROM FLINT: Voices from a Poisoned City,”  Michigan State University
  • Ceylan Carhoglu and Nicole Jordan-Webber, “Gardeners of the Forest,”  Chapman University
  • Caroline Cuny and Bryan Campbell, “Looking for Trouble,”  Wake Forest University
  • Max Good, “The Assassin and Mrs. Paine,” Stanford University
  • Melina Tupa, “The Search,”  UC Berkeley

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  • Shahnawaz Zali, “100 Steps,”  Northwestern University
  • Halima Lucas, “Amelia’s Closet,” USC
  • Williams Naranjo, “A New Civilization,” NYU
  • Brian Robau, “It’s Just a Gun,” Chapman University
  • Chloe Aktas, “Mutt,” NYU
  • Jimmy Keyrouz, “Nocturne in Black,”  Columbia University
  • Brenna Malloy, “Rocket,”  Chapman University

Foreign Narrative

  • Hajni Kis, “Beautiful Figure,” University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest (Hungary)
  • Judita Gamulin, “Flowers,” Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb (Croatia)
  • Alexander Turpin, “Generation Mars,” Norwegian Film School (Norway)
  • Alex Schaad, “Invention of Trust,” University of Television and Film Munich (Germany)
  • Ondrej Hudecek, “Peacock,” Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Klara Kochanska,”Tenants,” The Polish National Film Television and Theatre School (Poland)
  • Felix Ahrens, “Where the Woods End,” Filmuniversity Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF (Germany)

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Foreign Animation

  • Ahmad Saleh, “Ayny – My Second Eye,” Academy of Media Arts Cologne (Germany)
  • Steve Bache and Mahyar Goudarzi, “Eye for an Eye,”  Film Academy Baden-Württemberg-(Germany)
  • Arisbek Nuhan, “I Come From Prairie,” Beijing Film Academy (China)

Foreign Documentary

  • Johannes Östergård, “Tarfala,” University of Television and Film Munich (Germany)
  • Maya Sarfaty, “The Most Beautiful Woman,” The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University (Israel)
  • Tamar Kay, “The Mute’s House,” The Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School (Israel)
  • The award ceremony will take place on September 22, 2016.

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