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A team of Pakistani scientists at Dow University has successfully managed to find a significant breakthrough in a hard and fast battle against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Reportedly, the group was able to isolate antibodies chemically, purified it, and concentrated the antibodies using ultra-filtration to remove unwanted material from the final product.

The blood used for this experiment belong to coronavirus infected patients who have now successfully recovered.

Moreover, this method of treatment has been declared safe, comes with low risks and is highly effective against the virus. Whereas plasma therapy is only allowed in emergency situations because of its side-effects.

The lead researcher Dr. Shaukat Ali is the principal of Dow College of Biotechnology and other team members included Dr. Shobha Luxmi, Syed Muneebuddin, Mir Rashid Ali, Ayesha Ali, Mujtaba Khan, Fatima Anjum, Dr. Sohaib Tauheed.

The team developed the H-IVIG after days of hard work and dedication. The first blood sample was collected in March 2020.

Furthermore, this is the world’s first report of isolation, formulation and safety demonstration of immunoglobulin purified from recovered COVID-19 patients giving a ray of hope to Pakistanis and people worldwide.

We have now to see how these scientists use this method in the upcoming days to cure more patients.

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