Pakistan’s first ever biographical sports film “Shah” on the inspirational life of the legendary boxer Syed Hussain Shah has hit the silver screens on Independence Day 2015 and is all set to punch big numbers over the box-office against its other cinematic rivals.

A tribute to the uncelebrated champion and the pride of Pakistan, the revolutionary biopic unveils how Shah became the only boxer to be honored with an Olympic medal accolade in the nation’s sports history of more than 50 years.

But soon after his Olympic achievement, Shah was forgotten by the public and media alike and he went back to a life of abject poverty.

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The tale of blood, passion, triumph and defeat has been directed and penned by Adnan Sarwar, also playing the the lead role of the sports star Shah in the movie.

Answering to the press at the premiere,  Adnan said,  I am extremely pleased that the film SHAH is receiving such an overwhelming response from the people of Pakistan. For the most part, it is due to Hussain Shah finally getting the kind of acknowledgement that he deserves. Seeing people walk out of the cinemas with tears in their eyes gives me hope that the treatment that was meted out to SHAH will never be repeated again.”

Reportedly, the movie even received a standing ovation in the first twenty minutes during its premiere in Karachi.

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