By Sarah Alam


If you are a horror movie enthusiast then the new thriller, Paranormal Karachi Nights is a must watch. It is Pakistan’s first Blair Witch Project style found footage film that will be released ever.

As of yet, the team has released an extremely short 30 seconds trailer featuring a wheel chair in a dark room and few obscure images. The film is in its preliminary stages and the cast is working for its development right now.

The poster of the movie features a beheaded body hanging in the air, keeping in line with the scary theme of the movie. The story line and the complete cast has not been ascertained yet.

Watch the teaser here:

This will definitely bring a great change in our film industry as the genre of this movie is very different from the mainstream topics our media usually focuses.

The film is in fact recording of the real life creepy events that was revealed, the same style has been used previously in several petrifying films like Cloverfield, the Paranormal series and REC.

The date of the release has not been announced yet but it is clear that Paranormal Karachi Nights will give the audiences a spine-chilling experience as soon as it hits the screen.