Hum Panch, an upcoming Pakistani movie, produced by Malik Yaqoob will be a tribute to the law enforcement agencies who work day and night to ensure peace and prosperity in distressed cities especially Karachi, which is constantly under security threats.

Pervaiz Kaleem, a famous Pakistani director, producer and writer based in Lahore, was also present, along with Malik Yaqoob, at the press conference at Karachi Press Club. He also said that the country’s youngsters are its best asset and can be moulded in any way.

Kaleem further expressed his concern for the upcoming talent. He said that the media studies students who are willing to step their foot in the media industry should follow their senior’s footsteps.

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Kaleem also feels that there is still a lot of scope of growth and development in the Pakistani film industry. We still lack in modern technologies even in this digital era. Even though there are currently almost 20 films under production, however only some of them can compete on international standards. He is positive that, with a little effort, the industry can surely reach newer heights.