2017 dawned with quite a shaky start for Pakistan’s film industry. The former Bollywood ban in theaters drove movie-buffs away from the cinema houses and no local flick managed to create a boom on the box-office.

However, February began with the news of Osman Khalid Butt and Ainy Jafferi’s Balu Mahi hitting the silver screens. While the fate of the movie was expected to be the same as the rest of the latest films in cinemas, box-office results and reviews turned out to be quite a shocker, declaring that Balu Mahi is being loved worldwide.


Box-office Report

While we all have been waiting for box-office statistics of the movie, the director Hassam Hussain shared surprising numbers depicting that Balu Mahi is minting massive moolah.

  1. BaluMahi day 1 gross = Rs. 1 crore
  2. Worldwide weekend gross = Rs. 32 crores
See for yourself what Haissam Hussain said in this Facebook Post

Meanwhile, a Facebook page was spotted, revealing that Balu Mahi reaped around 1 crore within 3 days.

Another report disclosed the following overseas business done by Balu Mahi.

However, none of the numbers appear to be the ultimate and approximate statistics are giving the impression that the movie is doing a booming business.

Pakistani Movie Balu Mahi Review: The Out-Of-The-Blue Romantic Tale is Worth a Watch!

Audience Reviews

So far,  the critics and the audience are lauding Balu Mahi as a “Paisa Vasool” rom-com. From the breathtaking cinematography, a stellar soundtrack, and a filmy plot, OKB’s debut had it all what the audience needed. While Ainy Jafferi plays the leading lady,  the sultry Sadaf Kanwal has seized all the spotlight and her seductive avatar has become the talk of the town.

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