Pakistan is facing slow internet speeds due to a fault that has developed in SEAMEWE4, one of the major submarine cables that connect Pakistan with the rest of the internet in the world. PTCL heavily relies on the SEAMEWE4 cable, which means that Pakistanis will be facing this issue for the next few days.

According to PTCL’s Twitter account, the fault is of physical nature and occurred near Karachi in the sea. Officials said that location has been identified however rectification efforts are taking longer than what had been expected earlier.

PTCL has confirmed that bandwidth is now being shifted to other submarine cables to make sure that country’s demands are met adequately.


The complete restoration of SEAMEWE4 could take a couple of weeks, and until then the bandwidth reliance on backup submarine cables will be enhanced. During this, internet users may face degraded download/upload speeds.

Page loading delays are going to remain high during this time, while some pages may not load at all. Reloading of the pages is advised while unnecessary high-rate data consumption is to be avoided.

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