No one can beat Pakistan when it comes to the game of hacking! Our masterminds have made it to world records and proved that they can get inside into the most secure systems.

It is a common practice between India and Pakistan to hack each other’s government websites. Apparently, this is their idea of fun and they love bringing each other down this way.

Just recently, a hacker from the nation raised the bar and gave us all a good laugh by attacking the Instagram account of an upcoming Bollywood movie “Veere Di Wedding”

For those who don’t know, the chick flick has a star-studded cast of Sonam Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor.

And the hacker picked his target right!

He took control over Veere Di Weeding’s Insta account and changed its display icon to that of a monkey.

It also had a Pakistani flag emoji and the description was updated to read this:

“I am paki pappu bhai”

And you will not believe what he demanded to release control over the account!

He wanted the makers to give him a role in the movie

The account was hacked for 90 mins and all hell broke loose on the sets of the movie! The hacker even went live on and spoke in Urdu to the audience, extending his demand to work in the movie alongside the Kapoors.

Well, he surely gave a huge panic attack to the team of Veere Di Wedding. However, they reported to the Instagram headquarters in Mumbai and retrieved the account.

So even Pakistani hackers are all gaga over Bebo and want to work with her! But we must admit that it was quite hilarious of him to pull such a shocking stunt.

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