The IT industry is always vulnerable to professional website hackers. It becomes a serious issue when official web pages such as government entities fall prey to such an incident.

Dozens of Pakistani ministries including the Ministry of Information, Technology, and Telecommunication, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Works and others were hacked by a group of Indian hackers as reported by ProPakistani. You would think the security for such websites would be top notch but looks like the group got away with cyber theft.

The group hacked all these websites together, creating total chaos. The websites contain sensitive information which could cause havoc when gets into the wrong hands.

However, it is not sure if the back end data and email servers containing crucial information have been hacked or not. Some specialists have disclosed that the ministries that have been hacked use third-party cloud email solutions so it is unlikely that the email data has been compromised.

This may have happened after a group of Pakistani hackers were active in the morning and they successfully hacked some websites. Indian hackers retaliated by defacing dozens of Pakistani government websites.

This is a common practice, every independence day and hackers do this to celebrate the respective ‘Azaadi’ days by hacking cross-border websites. Pakistani hackers may now retaliate and things could get worse with thousands of websites ending up compromised.

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