The rat race for TRP is still going strong with channels competing against each other on Ramazan transmissions during the pious month.

Every channel has roped in celebrities that are hosting the Iftar, Sehr transmissions and game shows while some stars make special appearances. However, not all of these stars are ready to jump on to the Ramazan transmissions bandwagon and highly disagree with the entire commercial circus that the holy month has now become.

One particular Pakistani artist, actress and model, Mansha Pasha stands out from the rest and has not been seen on any of the Ramazan shows taking the country by storm at the moment.

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In a recent interview to Instep , Chalay Thay Saath star, Mansha Pasha shed some light on how she feels about Ramazan shows.

“I have gotten a lot of offers to be part of Ramzan shows and make guest appearances but I didn’t do them because I don’t agree with this ideology”

She did not hesitate to say it out loud that Ramadan is losing its spiritual essence.

“There are so many question marks in this entire thing. Honestly, it seems as though Ramzan has nothing to do with religion anymore.”

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On talking about Amir Liaquat, Mansha claimed,

“Aamir Liaquat has ruined an entire generation of people by using nationalism and theology to mislead the masses”

Mansha went on to speak her mind about the stars busy preaching about Ramazan!

“I also question the producers who continue to approach stars who are not in a position to be preaching religion to anyone. Goes to show that there is a chink in the armor.”

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