juggan-kazim vs Madhuri Dixit

The mythology of doppelgangers dates back centuries and to this day it fascinates us when we come across any two individuals who look so similar that they could be the same person.

So here are some look-alikes of famous Pakistani celebrities to fuel that fascination. While doppelgangers are generally considered “evil twins”, these doppelgangers fall more under the category of “could be siblings”.

Pakistani Celebrities & Their Shocking Hollywood/Bollywood Look-Alikes

Ahmed Shahzad and Virat Kohli

ahmed shahzad vs virat kohli

Sahir Lodhi and Shah Rukh Khan


Pakistani Celebrities & their Bollywood Twins

Choudhary Nisar and Rowan Atkinson


Afzal Khan (Rambo) and Sylvester Stallone


Ali Zafar and James Franco

alizafar vs james franco

Sonia Hussain and Asin


Adeel Hussain and John Abraham


Juggan Kazim and Madhuri Dixit


Humayun Saeed and Sunil Shetty

sunil-shetty vs Humayun Saeed

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