The revered award-winning director, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy needs no introduction. She rose to fame with her ground-breaking documentaries on social issues prevailing in our nation and made us proud by being the first Pakistani to bring an Oscar home.

She is a strong advocate of women empowerment and is always taking to initiatives to promote the positive side of Pakistan. 

However, she has found herself in the eye of a social media storm over a crucial matter that has Pakistan divided!


A couple of days back, Obaid took to Twitter, accusing a doctor employed at Agha Khan Hospital of committing “harassment” by sending a friend request to her sister.

Following the whole chaos, the doctor has now been fired from his job due to his involvement in the on-going controversy.

Agha Khan University Hospital Breaks Silence on Sharmeen Obaid Controversy!

The fiasco created a mighty social media brouhaha!

People slammed Agha Khan Hospital for firing the doctor and started pouring hate on its Facebook page!

#bringthedoctorback started trending on social media!

Agha Khan University Hospital finally responded with a statement about the whole episode!

Major Revelations About the Doctor!

Meesha Shafi’s tweets on the matter reveal that the doctor was already under scrutiny for various other cases of harassment.

Various other tweets by journalists too accused him of various misdeeds.

Celebrities Take on Sharmeen Obaid’s Controversy

Ali Moeen Nawazish was the first to share his two cents on the matter, claiming that she has the word ‘harassment’ a little too carelessly.

Now that the issue has ballooned up, even celebrities have joined in the debate on social media!

Comedian, Syed Shafaat Ali penned down a strong note to Sharmeen about the whole fiasco!

Sharmeen issue, my take

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Fatima Effendi too slammed Obaid for her idea of ‘harassment’

Of course, Waqar Zaka too could not stay silent on the matter!

We all were waiting for Hamza Ali Abbasi to break silence on this topic and he finally did!

Meanwhile, Mubasher Lucman is all ready to help the doctor get a new job!

Designer Nomi Ansari too is not happy with Sharmeen!

But Ushna Shah is rooting for the documentarian and believes she is right!

And now Veena Malik has been spotted trolling Obaid!


Let’s see what Sharmeen will reply to all the backlash!

What do you think about the whole controversy? Let us know in the comments below.