With the release of the upcoming movie, Ho Mann Jahan just a month away, social media is abuzz with Dubsmash videos made by Pakistani celebrities and fans who can’t stop listening to the catchy tunes of Asrar’s Shakar Wandaan song.

A viral part of the promotion, the song has been making rounds on social media as crazy fans and celebrities are sharing their own version of the song on Facebook and Instagram.

Watch the original track here

Watch Ali Azmat, Mathira, Sanam Baloch, Kiran Tabeer and some other celebrities shake a leg on this wedding song of the season below:

Meera and Adnan Ansari

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Asrar and J.Ali

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The Legendary Actor, Qavi with Yasir Nawaz & Imran Abbas

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Javed Shaikh

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 Anwer Maqsood & Yasir Hussain

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Ali Azmat

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Sanam Baloch and Sheheryar Munawar

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Sheheryar and Mahira

Take a look at the pair performing in the Dubsmash here:

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ARY Films also invited fans to make their dubsmash video which is being regularly shared on the movie’s social pages. Here are a few other Dubsmash videos made by fans and celebrities. Some of them are really funny too!

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The students of IoBM sent warm and amazing entry raising the bar for all other universities; the students made some really interesting Dubsmash videos all across campus and posted them on Facebook and Instagram pages. Let’s have a look!

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The much-hyped flick is directed by Asim Raza and depicts the bond of friendship with shared experiences. The trailer of Ho Mann Jahaan has already grasped the audiences’ attention intriguing them a lot! The soundtracks of the movie added real spice and forced audiences to look forward to it.

Ho Mann Jahaan is bound to be an amazing musical journey while Mahira, Adeel and Sheheryar take you back to the fun-filled days of college.

The film is slated to release on January 1, 2016!

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