In recent years, climate change, global warming and the greenhouse effect are terms that have been coming up and about and being frequently used in our conversations. Recently, Germanwatch, a nonprofit organization that is responsible for collecting social and economic data, released its latest Global Climate Risk Index 2017 report.

The report included a list of countries that witnesses some of the worst weather conditions in the last ten years. Pakistan is ranked 7th in the Long Term Climate Risk Index amongst the 10 countries most affected from 1996 to 2015 (annual averages)

According to the report by GermanWatch,

“Most of the affected countries in the Bottom 10 of the long-term index have a high ranking due to exceptional catastrophes. Over the last few years another category of countries has been gaining relevance: Countries like the Philippines and Pakistan that are recurrently affected by catastrophes continuously rank among the most affected countries both in the long term index and in the index for the respective year for the last six years”

This is not the first time Pakistan has been reported for being vulnerable to catastrophic climate changes. Each year during the monsoon season the Punjab province faces damages in agriculture due to lack of proper preparation for the floods.

The government makes promises to prevent damages from taking place. So far nothing substantial has happened as yet to prevent the massive destruction that is caused by annual floods in Pakistan. This results in huge losses suffered by farmers and other stakeholders involved.

It is still to be seen what measures the government will take in 2017. Or will the New Year be full of similar empty promises? Let’s wait and watch!

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