Unpixelating The Digital Sphere

Pakistan’s first ever Internet Exchange Point for all local Internet Services Providers (ISPs) is going to be established in Islamabad within next two months.

PTCL and majority of other ISPs of the country are already on board for this Internet Exchange Point to be set up under the control of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and in collaboration with Internet Society (ISOC).


The required hardware is currently being installed for this exchange point that will become a hub where all domestic internet traffic will pass through.

Pakistan Internet Exchange Point.Brandsynario

Once this Exchange Point sets up and goes live, latency rates for domestic traffic with-in the country will decrease for sure because

  • Bandwidth Costs of ISPs will reduce
  • ISPs’ performance will enhance

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The local hosting companies, data centers, and corporate sector and any other hosting their websites /services on local servers in Pakistan, will be the main beneficiaries of this Exchange Point.The readiness of ISPs in terms of hardware/software is key in the development of country’s first Internet Exchange Point and has been welcomed by the authorities.

A vast majority in the country might not be familiar with the Internet Exchange Point that’s sole objective to exchange local internet traffic internally with-in the country between ISPs instead of international exchanges and networks.