This year definitely is the one for bans and restrictions, beginning with the U.S banning visas from various Muslim countries to the electronics ban on flights. We now have one more suspension! As reported by the Express Tribune, Pakistan has decided to stop the visa on arrival facility for foreigners flying into the country.

Chaudhry Nisar Ali has ordered the Interior Ministry to review and update the visa rules and also introduce the online visa system for transparency purposes and to minimize discretion.

The visa on arrival facility is under suspension but this would not affect Pakistan’s bilateral visa-waiver agreements on diplomat passports of various countries. This type of visa has been issued to dignitaries and high-level official personnel for 72 hours. However, they will now be required to come to Pakistan with a valid visa.

The interior minister believes Pakistan should not give countries this on arrival visa facility when Pakistani citizens do not receive the same from foreign nations.

A central visa database is essential as it would be easier to keep tabs on people traveling to Pakistan on any visa category. Nisar also ordered strict surveillance of Pakistan’s sea, land and air entry and exit points.

The minister observed that as a first step, a separate body of IBCD should be set up under the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

What do you think about this recent suspension on the ‘visa on arrival’ facility to foreigners coming to Pakistan? Let us know in the comments below. 

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