Pakistan has made it to the world’s ten best stock markets, according to a report in Khaleej Times. In spite of the economic downturns globally, the stock markets continue to benefit stakeholders worldwide with those in Argentina, Pakistan, and Russia progressing well.

While the US continues to remain one of the top business markets globally, it failed to reach the top 10 stock markets of the world due to lack of better turnout this year as compared to others.

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While stock markets around the world dipped at the beginning of the year 2015, they all managed to earn good year on year returns for shareholders by the end of the year. Pakistan stock market, with a 20% dip in February and March, too managed to generate a 5% YOY return.

The top position in the list is held by Argentina, which in spite of poor economic strength, has managed a 30% increase in the stock market in Buenos Aires.

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Take a look at the complete list of World’s Top 10 Stock Markets and their increased strengths over the year:

  1. Argentina +30%
  2. Hungary +27%
  3. Jamaica +27%
  4. Iceland +26%
  5. Denmark +25%
  6. Ireland +22%
  7. Botswana +13%
  8. France +9% (down from 40%)
  9. Russia +23%
  10. Pakistan +9%

The reasons for the increase in stock market values of these countries vary from new tax policy in Hungary, overseas citizens assistance in Jamaica to currency devaluation in European countries and booming economy in Ireland.