Media Track Pakistan in collaboration with Pakistan Advertisers Society has released the overall Print Ads research data analysis for the cities of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan and Hyderabad for June 2015.

This particular research does not include all types of classified ads, notices, job opportunities and tender etc. However, there are more than 50+ weekly, monthly magazines and digests which were monitored for this research.

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The study was separately conducted for Publications and Magazines for the sake of better analysis.

Take a look at the research data:


The Top categories include Banks with 12%, Institutes with 11% and the Punjab government with 8% spending on print ads. According to the research, the Inside Page of publications constitute 51% of publication ads and the front covers constitute 28% of the print ads.

The highest spending takes place in Karachi followed by Lahore then Islamabad. The research also reflects how the majority of Publications are in Urdu.


The Top Brands that go for Magazine Print Ads include Nestle Cerelac, Shezan Samarqand, various fairness creams, Sufi Banaspati, Waves Refrigerators and Hashmi Ispaghol. More than 95% of Magazine print Ads are coloured and only 3% are black and white.  The major chunk of print as in magazines are printed on the inside