This Independence Day, Pakistan received a special gift from across the border. We have to say, it left us speechless. With the ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan, this beautiful Capella version of the Pakistani national anthem by Indian artists, ‘Voice of Ram’.

The musician group from India kick started a peace campaign which took the internet by storm. It goes to show, people across both borders are rooting for peace between the countries not paying heed to the ongoing political rift.

Students from Lahore’s FC College University, in turn, sent a gift to India on their Independence day which touched millions of hearts through the subcontinent.

Watch Lahore FC College students sing the Indian national anthem beautifully!


Here’s the Capella version of ‘Pak Sar Zameen’ that started this peace movement. 

Voice of Ram’s ‘Peace Anthem’ followed the acapella shortly

A group followed VOR and came up with their own version of the Peace Anthem.

The Border Anthem from Zeshan Bagewadi

What version of the peace anthem is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

Pakistani and Indian National Anthem Fusion Goes Viral.

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