Despite all claims of load-shedding to be decreased in the country by the ruling government, things are still looking bleak as the scorching summers approach.

According to the latest research by National Transmission and Despatch Company, (NTDC) demand for electricity has now reached 16,300 MW while the production remains the same at 10,100 MW.

Due to low levels of stored water in the dams, there has been a decrease in the production. Hydropower production is at a lower level of 1400 MW rather than the full capacity of 5500 MW.

The National Power Control Center has started conducting power outages due to a system overload. These power shortages are causing urban areas to experience blackouts for up to 6 hours per day while rural areas suffer from 8 hours of load-shedding.

Government sources have mentioned that these power outages will persist unless the hydropower production is increased which can only happen after the dams have enough water for storage.

Looks like the situation is likely to remain the same up to the monsoon season when the storage dams can be filled with water.

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