Pakistan reports a record breaking IT exports for the financial year of 2016-17 with a whopping amount of nearly $1 billion receipts received through the banking channel.

The State Bank of Pakistan reports that the exports of IT industry which include the telecommunication, computer and information services. These amounted to $938.64 million in the last financial year.

Exports have experienced a 19% growth and an increase by 150 million from 2015-2016 which was $788.64 million. For those who are wondering where Pakistani exports go to, they are delivered to the USA and other regions such as the Middle East and South African countries.

However, according to the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) a much higher export was reported as compared to SBP’s numbers. The PSEB concluded with a figure which was three times higher than SBP.

IT Industry Exports of Services and Products for the two Years include:

Here are the 6 Year Exports:

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