Packaged Milk Controversy: Which Brands are Safe to Consume?


With a huge controversy currently surrounding packaged milk, the people of Pakistan are having a hard time trusting any one brand. Nearly all the leading brands of packaged milk have been said to be comprised of chemicals harmful to the human body. To find out the real truth behind these claims, we at Brandsynario have reached out to those said brands of packaged milk.

DayFresh, a product of Dairyland, was one of the first brands we approached. The management at Dairyland stressed that the milk being processed at their facility meets all the legal standards and quality specifications. They have their own dairy farm with approximately 4000 cows, so they guarantee absolutely safe and hygienic milk collection process. The entire milking process is automated without any human touch.

The cows, imported from Australia, are provided with top quality feed and the brand stresses on the fact that they do not give any hormonal injections to the animals. The cows are kept in an extremely hospitable environment and are regularly inspected and vaccinated by a team of qualified vets. Before connecting the suction machines to the cows, their staff carefully cleans the cows with antiseptic water and tissues.

All the milk collected comes fresh from their own farm. They do not buy any from local dairy farms. Once the milk is collected, it goes to the lab to test its quality. Every batch undergoes a rigorous check to ensure that it is fit for consumption.

The farm has state of the art machinery that packs thousands of cartons per house. The efficient and experienced staff with the help of advanced technology and computerized system keeps checks on time, temperature and quality of the product.

Apart from the regular testing at the facility, DayFresh milk has been tested at two leading laboratories in Pakistan, the SGS in Karachi and Qarshi Lab in Lahore. The results reinforce their claim that the milk is free from harmful chemicals.

`With such a lot of controversy going on regarding packaged milk, DayFresh has taken charge to clear its name. Conducting proper checks of their facility, having a team of veterinarians around always to keep a check on their animals’ health, regular testing of their product at their labs and then also having independent tests at the leading labs of Pakistan, all steps are commendable. The have also introduced small packs with sealable caps that can be reused later and still have their freshness intact.

You can follow more updates from them with the hashtag #RealMilkMatters.