Finally, things seem to be getting easier for Pakistanis, trips to the passport office to get renewals seem to be coming to an end. For those wondering how this could be possible, the answer is simple, with the help of IT the Pakistani passport renewal system is now live online from today onwards!

The E-Services Portal is the online service available to Pakistani citizens around the world. Online portal can be used to apply for renewal of the machine-readable passport, however, it can only be done if the passport has expired or has less than 7 months.

The Online Passport Renewal System

For those looking to apply for an online passport renewal, here are the requirements: 

  1. Supporting Documents
  2. Photograph up to 5MB captured as explained in the Tutorial on the website
  3. Fingerprint form filled as explained in the Fingerprint tutorial on the website
  4. Valid credit card/ debit card for the online payment of the application fee

The Online Application process has various steps which need to be followed

The following table describes the time taken to complete the application process


Estimated Completion Time
No. Activities Renewal
1. Register user 2 min
2. Select application category 1 min
3. Give passport delivery details 1 min
4. Pay fee 2 min
5. Provide personal information 1 min
6. Provide Address details 2 min
7. Upload photograph 1 min
8. Upload supporting documents 1 min
9. Print, scan and upload fingerprint form 5 min
10. Review and Submit application 0.5 min
Total estimated time  16.5 min



After submitting the application form, the passport will be delivered to the applicant at home.

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