To be honest as a student in Pakistan and as a professional, I have found the freelance industry in Pakistan to not only be extremely welcoming but very rewarding. For me, it has always been my go to place to earn some extra cash for many of my very exuberant expenses. If you have been at a standstill uptil now about which freelance avenues to look into then I have got just the list for you.

There are tons of websites out there that offer people the opportunity to work from home such as

  1. Freelancer
  2. Odesk
  3. Peopleperhour

All you need is a profile on any of the above mentioned accounts showcasing your education and skills and you are set to bid on the projects that are relevant to your skills. On these websites it’s all about who has the best credentials, who has the most reasonable price and who bids the fastest, if you fail on any of these accounts you are as good as gone.

Another thing that determines whether you get a project or not is your ranking or statistics. Every profile has a certain rank, which determines exactly how good that person is in the skills that he has stated.  

When you start anew, you will find yourself learning new things and adapting to them so that you may have a better chance of scoring some freelance projects. I would recommend that you start by bidding on projects at very low rates, because your first concern should be your statistics. You must secure projects and execute them perfectly so that are ranked higher than your competition.

Top Freelance Online Job Opportunities in Pakistan

Payment terms vary from website to website. Both the person who is awarding the project and the person who is being awarded the project need to have accounts on these websites. Once or twice I’ve gone off books and have suffered for it, as clients refuse to pay the entire amount once the work is in their hands, ready to be used.

So, my advice would be to ask for the payment via the websites, where the websites do cut off a certain sum of money but it is a very small percentage and provides people with a secure way of both sending and receiving money.  

On these websites there are a number of jobs that you can bid on, depending on your inherent skills:

Content Writing

A lot of web developers or business owners tend to advertise on the above mentioned sites when they are looking for potential content writers for the websites that they develop.

If you have a knack for writing excellent stories, convincing people or making merry conversations then this is just the job for you!

Academic Writing

Another area where a lot of students can excel is academic writing. So if you think you are good at writing research papers or thesis, this is the kind of work you should look into.

Website Development

If you are a web developer, then my friend the freelance world is your domain. On every freelance website, everyday no less than hundreds of jobs regarding website development are advertised. What is even more interesting is their worth, a singular website can cost up to 50000 PKR!

So get your website development skills to some exceptionally good use, secure some work and earn some extra cash right from the comfort of your home.

Software development

Right alongside website development jobs, you will also come across several software development jobs. As a software engineer, by securing several such software development jobs in a month you can easily make a lot of cash.

System Designing 

If you are a mechanical design engineer or know how to use the AutoCAD, solid works or some of the other designing software, then you can make quite a lot of money designing mechanical equipment and items. A good portfolio can help you make quite a lot of money.

Apart from these jobs posted on various websites you can also look for content writing companies to work for. I have worked with two major content writing companies, and I found them through advertisements posted on olx and peopleperhour. There are a lot of software houses that require content writers to add in the content to the websites that they develop for their clients. Log into OLX or and you will be greeted by plenty of content writing companies looking to hire freelance content writers. The same holds true for academic writers, they can find a lot of advertisements for academic writing also.

Log into OLX or and you will be greeted by plenty of content writing companies looking to hire freelance content writers. The same holds true for academic writers, they can find a lot of advertisements for academic writing also.

Freelancing jobs will provide you plenty of comforts that a regular job never can. You can work from the comfort of your home and within deadlines that you can negotiate on. In most freelancing jobs your client is your only boss and you have no one else to answer to.