OnePlus 8 Pro Vs Samsung
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There is always some form of competition going on between technological parties. Even back in the 1960s, Ford and Ferrari had a go at it on the Lemans circuit. Ford’s vehicle had certain new advancements that allowed it to win. Plus, Ken Miles was an excellent, legendary driver! The Smartphone industry has had many races and battles of its own. Be it on the camera front or the chipset front, Smartphones have brawled it out.

So, we look at yet another brawl today. We observe who wins the battle of OnePlus 8T Pro Vs Samsung S20 Ultra! Both of these phones have impressive features and State-of-the-art technology embedded within them. The OnePlus has been quite successful in its own regard and Samsung is one you already know of. They are one of the oldest competitors in the race. Let us begin!

Oneplus 8 Pro and Samsung
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The OnePlus:

OnePlus is a company that took hold of a stormy beginning. It’s like if you play chess using a technique known as Queen’s Gambit. The method involves an aggressive approach and keeps the opponent always under pressure. OnePlus is using this approach with its new OnePlus 8 Pro. The phone features a SnapDragon 865 Processor! You cannot get any more peak performance on chip sets than this one, allegedly. Additionally, the Quad camera array is no less of an achievement for the phone.

If referring to the battery capacity, the phone sits at 4510mah, which is ample for phones these days. If we look at the specifications even further, the phone has a 128/256 storage variant with either 8 or 12GB ram. However, the absence of the slot for an SD card does prove a form of drawback. Then again, does one need an SD card after 128 or 256GB?

OnePlus and Samsung
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The Samsung:

This is one of the most powerful phones that Samsung has ever made. There are two notable flagship series of Samsung to date. As history dictates, the S series and the note series climb up on the top when it comes to premium. The S4 had the first retinal feature of the series, which baffled many users at the time. So, the Samsung S20 Ultra is the company’s wild card. Its chipset is the Exynos 990. It is an impressive processor, but it does not compete well with the Snapdragon 865.

The most robust feature of the phone is its 108-megapixel camera. You can shoot an apple of a person’s head at a distance using just this camera. Its battery is set at a high 5000mah capacity. Finally, the phone offers substantial storage alongside an SD card slot. This slot can support cards as high as 1TB! This phone is one to be trifled with.

The Victor:

Looking at the specifications overall, there are quite a few points to note. Even though Samsung has a good chipset, the OnePlus 8 Pro takes the cake on this one. In the camera region, Samsung wins the round. There is no comparison on the camera. The battery is slightly larger on the Samsung.

However, provided the price difference between the two, a lot of disagreements become blatantly apparent. The Samsung S20 Ultra is set to be at Rs.2, 27, 999/- whereas the OnePlus 8 Pro is to be at Rs.1, 50, 000/-

That difference of 1 lac, but a slight difference in the features make OnePlus 8 Pro the better buy. This is because you’re getting a whole lot of next-generation technology and features in a considerably less amount.

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