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With the beginning of new year 2015, one of Engro’s great brand ‘Olper’s’, has come up with a new TV commercial featuring celebrities like Sanam Saeed, Zainab Qayyum, Nabila Maqsood etc. The commercial highlights the importance of a dining table and how we create cherishing memories around the table and have used the punch line ‘Yeh Sirf Table Nahi Yeh Har Ghar Ka Dil Hai’ – It isn’t only a table; it’s the heart of every house. The theme background sound is from an old song ‘Dam Dam Di Di Dam Dam’ of Late Nazia Hassan. The commercial roams around Olper’s Milk, focusing Olper’s Milk Pack in every story leading to a tagline ‘Mehfooz Aur Paak Doodh Olper’s’.