Have you tried Olper’s Lassi’s Desi Meter? A fun new Facebook app that tells you how ‘Desi’ you are! 

Opers Lassi from day one has been rather different in their approach, now it seems their advertising strategies are complimenting their brand personality – bold, innovative and ‘Desi’.

A Facebook application is definitely a novel initiative taken by any brand, to engage its consumers. As in present-day epoch of mass and useless advertising, grabbing consumer’s interest through such forum is certainly commendable.

Coming towards the app, well the app Desi Metercould be easily found at Olper’s lassi’s Official Facebook Page.

 “Desi Meter” is based on a quiz format; it asks you 10 simple questions about the choices you would have made. In the end, it gives off the final verdict– and tells you your position on the Desi Meter. 

Olper’s Lassi, the brand entered the market, facing a strong competition from trendy energy drinks, carbonated beverages and juices etc. Olper’s Lassi itself was a very unique and first of its kind yoghurt based drink and now it competes on the same stand with all others. 

So don’t wait up, go and check out the score on the Desi Meter and lets us know in the comment section below.