Noori has released the latest video from their album Begum Gul Bakaoli Sarfarosh. Pinjra is the second single to be released from the album; the song is about the shackles that bind us in this world and asks God to free us from the chains of our blinded un-examined beliefs.

Pinjra explores the imprisonment of humans on this earth with their fears and their greed for self proclaimed righteousness. Pinjra is about the journey of letting go.

Directed by Mandana Zaidi, the video is set in a cage in which the imprisoned band hides behind a mask of fame, success and stardom. They are struggling to liberate themselves from the facade that has become their reality. The artists seek inspiration from Begum Gul Bakaoli who has left everything behind and has set on her journeys towards freedom.

Speaking about the song Ali Noor of noori said “The song is about how one’s dogmas become his/her own Pinjras: Dogmas are not made by God, man makes dogmas and this way man uses God as an excuse to control other people [..] and they do so by making them believe that they have to sacrifice and be in fear all the time. That’s the theme of the song and the video is pretty self-explanatory, when you start becoming so dogmatic you almost become a clown”

The video release also marks the launch of the BGBS Experience where Noori will share with their fans the ethos of “Begum Gul Bakaoli Sarfarosh”. The different concept, depictions and ideas behind the album will be revealed in the form of visuals, words and most importantly through music.

Noori will be interacting with the fans who will become “Friends of Noori” and be part of the Noori family. The BGBS Experience is all about the concept behind the album and the journey begins will the release of Pinjra.

Noori will be performing during the month of March in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, Kicking off with the Pinjra Celebration Concert at the BNU Bestival on 4th March.

Watch the video below:

Director –
Mandana Zaidi
Asst Director – Aleena Naghman
Art Direction – Saad Sheikh
Character Costume – Hashim Ali
Band Costume – Saad Sheikh
Make up Concept – Abbas Ali Khan
Make Up – Rubab Tanzil at Clown Town
Photography –  Abbas Ali Khan
DOP – Hamza Yousuf
Color Grading – Hamza Yousuf
Camera B Roll –
 Awais Gohar and Sajjad-u- Haq

Editor – Aleena Naghman and Waqar Akber
Lyrics – Ali Noor
Guitars – Ali Noor
Bass –  Ali Hamza
Drums – Kami Paul
Vocals – Ali Noor and Ali Hamza
Ali Noor
Ali Hamza
Kami Paul
Mandana Zaidi