That’s right folks! Nokia will be making 3 big changes to their Nokia 3310 iconic handset! The 3310 Android phone will reportedly hark back to its roots, but with a welcome modern twist, reports claim.

 The phone is expected to appear at Mobile Word Conference this weekend in Barcelona after receiving a fresh look and upgraded software version. Considering how Nokia 3310 was the ultimate superhero, it is hard to pinpoint if the success of the successor will live up to the same glory and fame.
The revamped set is rumoured to have 3 massive changes to its iconic predecessor. Here’s what might be in store for us:

Colorful Display

Nokia 3310 might be ditching its old colourless screen with a colourful display! Concept Creator shared a video on YouTube to give users an idea of what the Nokia 3310 is equipped with, its colour variants, and how it will look like overall.

 Bulky Built

nokia 3310 new phone specs hardware design

Everyone knows how 3310 was the phone you cared the least about when it fell, in fact, it was the floor that we were worried for or our face! However, the new Nokia 3310 might not have the same bulky body of plastic as the older phone! It is being rumoured to be made of metal or polymer if not plastic along with a lighter, thinner shape.

The device will keep its physical alphanumeric keyboard but may need to adjust the size of the buttons in order to fit in with the new slimmer design. The new Nokia 3310 will also be available in a range of colour schemes, the source says.

Older Nokia 3310 Features

Although it is still possible to buy an original Nokia 3310 on Amazon, the handset is being sold on the marketplace – not by the company itself. According to the item listing, the features of the Nokia 3310 include a clock, calculator, the ability to store 10 reminders, and four preinstalled games. Preinstalled on the Nokia 3310 were Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact and Bantumi.


Nokia 3310 memes keep its online publicity alive, the funniest thing about them is that most of them are true!

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