Nike Victoria Swimwear Collection
Credit: Nike Instagram

Nike is introducing its first-ever swimwear line with Hijab, which includes full coverage swimsuit suitable for modest fashion! The ‘Victory Swim Collection’ will offer a modest bathing suit option for female athletes seeking a comfortable underwater movement.

The formal launch of the line will be in February 2020. The sportswear giant is coming up with the Burkini collection after a huge success of hijabi athleisure for females athletes.

According to the brand, a complaint from a Muslim female athlete sparked the idea of a modest swimwear line. Most of the Muslim swimmers cover their heads with the traditional scarf which limits their performance underwater.

The existing options in the market are not functional and restrict the swimmers in enjoying the sport. The hijabi swimwear from Nike also includes a mesh cap that keeps hair in place. Each swimsuit set will include; a swim tunic top, swim legging, and hijab all made from wrap-knit fabric which is quick to dry and extremely lightweight.

An additional feature of this swimwear is sun protection. It provides a UPF 40+ from head-to-toe and the swimsuit and tunic have a built-in sports bra.

This super amazing bathing suit is a go-to option for Emarti skater Zahra Lari, the first-ever female skater to don a hijab in skating. She was helping Nike in research and development by testing prototypes to her swim practices.

“It doesn’t weigh you down, and it helped me swim better. It’s so different than any of the swimsuits I’ve ever seen, and I know I can wear this confidently.” By Zahra Lari

The Victory Swim Collection will be available from February 1st for retail on Do you think after Nike’s burkini collection will encourage other brands to introduce Hijab friendly collection?

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