Nida Yasir Unfollows Yasir Nawaz, Responds To His Parody Video
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If there is a one morning show host known for her not so witty remarks and inarticulate hosting, that is Nida Yasir. She also has been under the netizen’s radar for a long time now since everything she seems to trigger the viewers. Recently Nida was bashed by netizens and viewers over her views on the Formula 1 racing car.

A few days ago, Nida became the talk of social media when a clip went viral from her morning show. In the morning show from 2016, Nida invited two NUST students who invented a formula one racing car. While interviewing them, Nida didn’t seem to understand what a formula one car is. She then asked a few questions, which sounded rather dumb, furthermore making her look like she didn’t do enough research before interviewing the guests. Take a look at the clip below.

As soon as the clip went viral, people took to social media to share their two cents about the situation. While most of them criticised her for not knowing enough, some took her side and mentioned it was absolutely fine. Regardless, she gave people a reason to laugh and come out with exciting memes.

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Yasir Hussain’s Take On The Clip 

As the video went, viral Nida’s husband also jumped don’t the bandwagon and recreated a parody video of her wife. That parody video also gained a lot of attention, and people couldn’t stop wondering whether Nida enjoyed it or not?

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Nida Clarifies The Situation 

While people wondered about whether she liked her husband’s take on it or not, Junaid Khan asked her the same thing too. In a recent appearance in Good Morning Pakistan, the singer asked her response to the parody video. To which she replied,

“Yasir was not the only one involved; my entire family was involved in the filming of the video.” Further adding, “I didn’t find it cute.”  

Take a look at the clip below.

Nida Yasir Unfollows Husband On Social Media

Recently, the followers claimed that the host had stopped following her husband on social media. Checking now, we saw her following Yasir Nawaz. During the time she had allegedly unfollowed, the netizens started wondering whether it was the result of the parody video as she mentioned that she didn’t like it.

We still don’t know whether she took it to her heart or not but kudos to Nida for the way she faces criticism on a daily basis.

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