The barbaric murder of Kasur’s seven-year-old Zainab has shown us that it is about time we take strong measures in addressing and punishing perpetrators of child sexual abuse and molestation.

In such horrific times, we need intellectual minds to unite and ponder upon ways to deal with the grave matter.


However, some recent tweets by Newsweek Pakistan’s editor Fasih Ahmed has resulted in a ferocious outcry, making us question our society’s literal minds.

The editor of the renowned publication boldly claimed that child molestation leads to great art i.e. child pornography.

The journalist remarked that sexual violence against children will always exist, regardless of innumerable campaigns against it. 

The shocking nature of his tweets made people think that his Twitter account has been hacked.

But Fasih made it clear that all of them were his own statements

His Twitter tirade is receiving massive backlash and people are enraged on his frivolous comment about something so serious.

Jeremy McLellan, a renowned US based comedian also slammed Newsweek’s Editor for making vile jokes about child rape 

To make matters worse, Fasih Ahmed also misbehaved with a speaker, Egyptian-American writer Mona Eltahawy of Lahore Literature Festival (LLF), of which he was a board member.


Now, after the social media brouhaha,  (LLF) has declared that they have parted ways with Fasih and hold no responsibility for his personal views.

But the matter went out of hand when popular Hollywood actor and singer, Alyssa Milano came across his outrageous tweets and urged Newsweek to take action against the editor of Newsweek Pakistan.

Here’s what she tweeted!

Instantly, Newsweek rolled out a notification to disassociate itself with the views presented by Fasih Ahmed

Now a petition has been created on against Fasih Ahmed and demands the immediate removal of Newsweek Pakistan.

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