As we bid farewell to 2015 and New Year dawns upon us, the world is all set to warmly welcome the arrival of 2016. As a universal tradition, celebrations have kick started around the planet for the occasion of merrymaking and fresh days ahead!


A massive fire has broken out at The Address Hotel in Dubai, a building quite near to the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper. While Dubai’s extravagant spree of fireworks fitted with 400,000 LED lights planned at the Burj Khalifa has called people from all over the globe, chances are that the celebrations will be delayed in light of the incident.

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New Zealand is the amongst first of the nations to greet New Year 2016. A spectacular set of fireworks were set off  in major cities of the country.

View the images below:

Watch the breathtaking display of fireworks in Auckland here.

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Witness the massive display of fireworks from Sydney.

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Adelaide joined in the celebrations too!


Aussies were so excited for the New Year fireworks that they had been camping beforehand to secure the best spot!

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Following Sydney in New Years Celebration is Tokyo with a bustling display of  helium balloons released in the sky!

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View how Taiwan celebrated New Year 2016 with magical fireworks out of a skyscraper.



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Thai people also greeted New Year with equal enthusiasm. Witness the spectacular show of fireworks in Bangkok here.

Stay tuned to this post to get live updates on the New Year 2016 celebrations from all over the world!