New Nokia 225 – Affordable, Internet Enabled & Easy to Carry

Nokia 225

Nokia establishes another strong foot in its lower-end category with Nokia 225, the latest and the cheapest one announced till date yet.

The Nokia 225 is not only an affordable and easy to carry light weight phone but is alsointernet enabled device that COMES WITH PRE PACKED SOCIAL APPS Facebook andTwitter 

Have a look at the phone’s promotional video:

Some key features of this new phone include a 10.4 mm thin body which makes it a device easy to carry, while the micro SD card slot and a battery life of 36 days in single sim usage and25 days in dual sim usage, makes the device the cheapest and the longest lasting currently in the market.

The Phone comes in various different colors making it yet another attraction for the Nokia Lovers to fall in love with the phone, the color can be chosen from a wide choice of Black,Green, White, Red and Yellow.

But it is not just the colors and the excellent features that make the phone an excellent choice for the users but it is actually the 3G speed feature that the phone is said to support, at a mere price of Euro 39 (Approx. 5,300 PKR) which makes the phone an excellent affordable choice.


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