Agha Ali
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Agha Ali has been churning out problematic statements more than TV dramas, and it’s not looking good. The star is now on the receiving end of more backlash as an old video surfaced.

Some Things Aren’t Funny

In the said video, he’s at a show again with three other people. One of them is also Neelam Munir, and we think that’s where he got the trigger for his jokes. His joke was based on Pathans and Pashto! As stereotypically problematic as it gets, Agha Ali said he’s never heard a Pashtoon talk nicely.

Agha Ali
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He also then proceeds to copy the language and say gibberish, passing it off as Pashto. The host even questions — “do Pashtoons not have romance?” To which he conveniently replied along the lines of “No, I’ve never seen that.” Neelam Munir, being a Pashto speaking individual, was sitting there and cackling as well.

This Is The Video

Why Is It Problematic?

It’s problematic because jokes like this perpetuate stereotypes against communities. And frankly, have you ever seen a stereotype benefit anyone in the long run? This is akin to the forwarded messages on Whatsapp that always have Sardars and Sikhs as the butt of the jokes. 

They’re not funny!

Pashtoons are already disgraced in the country due to several reasons. There’s the prejudice of them being immigrants, and there are millions of other stereotypes that have been plastered on their faces.

say no to stereotyping
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Do we need another thing on which they can be made a laughing stock?

The Star Apologised!

Twitter Reacts

People on Twitter are conflicted; there are two sides to each coin. There are many Pashto speaking people and Pakhtuns who do not feel this to be insulting. They agree with the fact that their vocal style is rather bold and that they have been in similar positions.

On the other hand, many are upset at Agha Ali using their culture and their language to make people laugh for a mere 2 minutes. While he may not even remember joking about this then, such jokes can enforce a particular type of mindset in the long run. Especially because he’s a famous actor — people will follow his lead.

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