NCA Admissions
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If you are interested in Arts, you must have dreamt about the National College of Arts (NCA). And since its that time of the year where everyone actively thinks about their future study plans, we have compiled everything you might need to know for NCA Admissions.

NCA Admission Aptitude Test

Even though located in Lahore, NCA conducts its aptitude tests in all provinces. This component in the admission process is essential for the candidates applying for the Department of Fine Arts and Faculty of Design. They also need to score high in the drawing. For those opting for architecture, they have to pass a mathematics examination alongside drawing and aptitude tests.

Department of Film and Television, Musicology, and Cultural Studies require their customized aptitude tests. That said, you can only sit for the examination if you have either passed Higher Secondary/Intermediate Examination and that too with at least 45% marks. So anyone below that is, in a word, ineligible.

NCA Admissions
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Previous Education Requirements

Remember this, the admissions happen only once a year, so don’t forget to complete the requirements on time, or your entry will be canceled.

Candidates who have been nominated by foreign countries or other government organizations can, however, confirm the admission on the condition of taking seminar courses and research projects. The most important thing to note is that a candidate should have twelve years of education. Be it F.A. or A-levels; the candidates need to have a bare minimum of 45%. And after that, pass the aptitude as well as the interview.

NCA Admissions Application Form

How to go about it? Apply on the application form available, as mentioned in the advertisement. Usually, you have to go to college and buy the record. If you are from some other city, in that case, you have to send a money order to the principal of NCA. The money order should include the amount for the registered book post. Similarly, international candidates need to send international reply coupons for the prospectus.

You have the application form, and you have filled it; now its time to submit it. For those residing in Lahore or, in fact, anywhere in Punjab, the College office will receive the application. For other provinces, the application will be sent to the respective Director of Technical Education. Secretary Nomination Board/Director Education (colleges) Gilgit, Baltistan will receive the application form of candidates from Northern areas. Aspiring students from AJK will send it to the Secretary Nomination Board/ Director of Technical Education, Muzaffarabad. From there on, NCA will get the applications.

International candidates need to send the form directly to the college. But it is also the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that the college gets the way before the due date.

NCA Admissions
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Documents required for the admission process.

Candidates need to submit attested photocopies of the following documents in their application packet.

  1. Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or its Equivalent Certificate
  2. Higher Secondary/Intermediate or its Equivalent Certificate
  3. A certificate with Marks obtained.
  4. Documents in support of additional qualifications (If any)
  5. Domicile Certificate
  6. Pages 1 to 5 passport (International Students only)
  7. National identity card
  8. Five attested passport size recent photographs.
  9. Bank draft as applicable
  10. Affidavit of father/guardian income

Once you have secured a place in the NCA Admissions process, you will be required to submit some more documents before the foundation semester. Until then, get through the process with the guidelines as mentioned above.

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