National Ketchup enter Ramadan
By Ufaq Ashfaque

JULY 08, 2013 – Pakistan ‘ s popular condiments brand National Ketchup spurs paparazzi with its new, exciting advertisement.  

Their new slogan ‘National Ketchup Zaruri’ shows exactly how important is ketchup in our routine lives. The condiment brand looks ahead to revive its name among customers.

The ad shows the various spots and places where National Ketchup is needed.  While no direct connection has been shown with reference to the festive season of Ramadan, the timing of the ad shows exactly the pitch that National Ketchup is trying to make.

Even though the ad has been placed rightfully, Ramadan is one season where all brands try to post the biggest sales as compared to all around the year.

With a zestful variety of food and edibles served to people, National Ketchup penetrates as a necessary item complementing the Ramadan table of treats.

With unique, catchy lines used and National Ketchup shown as a common household name, the brand aspires to appeal to the audience on grounds of locality and earn the attention of the mass audience

With Ramadan arrived, it is surely to put many brands towards a strong position and also make way for progress.