Danish and Aiza on Nadia Khan Show

The adorable couple of the Pakistani media industry, Danish Taimoor & Ayeza Khan appeared on the Nadia Khan Show on GEO TV; the duo had a great time chatting with the ‘morning show’ queen Nadia Khan. The doe-eyed Ayeza Khan and the charming Danish Taimoor are one of the most favourite couples of the Pakistani showbiz industry with a huge fan following.

The cheerful, bubbly and self- conferred queen of the morning show, Nadia Khan is just her natural self with the stars and this is why she is so popular amongst fans. Khan is the only host in the morning show arena who describes her job as a “spiritual experience”!


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Since the first week, her show has created waves and the show with Ayeza and Danish was no different. The social media was abuzz with the news of these two stars appearing on the Nadia Khan.

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Both Ayeza and Danish shared memorable experiences with Nadia; they talked about how Danish has changed as an actor since he transitioned from a TV star to a movie star

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The couple has a 5-month old daughter named Hoorain, and seemed truly happy together! Ayeza says Danish helps out a lot with the baby at home; however he did miss his baby’s birth as he was at a movie premiere in Lahore.

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Ayeza clarifies that there are no restrictions on her for doing television. She has been working on a Yasir Nawaz project on TV as well.

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Ayeza stuns in a blue attire, equally complimenting her husband. Danish discloses that he likes if Ayeza stays simple and does not wear too much make-up.

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Danish also reveals that Ayeza loves to shop; the couple did fun activities on the show and had a really wonderful time!

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View some exclusive BTS shots from the Nadia Khan Show With Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor below;

Nadia Khan Show With Shamoon Abbasi & Zainab Jamil

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